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Brunch is Served

French Toast

Early Anglo-Saxons called the first month of the year “Wolf Month” because it was the time of the year the wolves would come out of the forests and roam into the villages in search of food. In the northern countries of the world January is the coldest month and despite our place in the sun here in South Florida I still find my desires for the pleasures of the table that satisfy my wolfish winter hungers. And surely one of the best possible ways to take care of those needs are going somewhere that a truly grand brunch can be enjoyed. So … get ready to join us at ‘Three’…. The photo is a dish that was designed to be eaten at brunch perhaps best of all. I named it, “My Down Island French Toast”. It is the love child of classic French Toast … the way my mother made it … and one of the most revered things we cook within our kitchens; foie gras. The sauce… well… you must taste it … for words fail me now.

— NVA.