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I was very happy to receive an invitation for us to be part of the beautiful Food Hall going up now in Miami Beach. What we conceived and have ready to launch is named, “K’West”. As you might imagine it is my ‘postcard’ sized version of a number of the dishes I came to love … and some I came to create during my years on the bohemian island. Then the folks curating Time Out Market Miami asked me if I might also take on a second project with them. I asked, “What is the concept?” And they answered “Pizza”! You may have missed it but I actually have created a number of pizzas back a few years. We even did them at the Betsy Ross Hotel, (now simply “The Betsy”) when I came from Key West to South Beach and started my years of working on the mainland. I know there is a long and revered history of pizza making in Italy. There are also vaunted places in New York as well as, (perhaps surprisingly) Phoenix that serve very delicious pizzas. I am pretty sure the very first restaurant I was ever taken to was when my mother took us to a pizzeria near hour home when I was probably five years old. What I’ve named the project is “Beach Pie”. I like the good humor in the name. I was inspired by the residents of Miami Beach who went to “Beach High” and say it truncated just like that. The photo above is the one we’ve conjured showcasing the beautiful, local and seasonal vegetables we get from our farmer sources down in Redland. I hope you will come by soon and enjoy Time Out Market Miami. There will 15 or so other restaurants also sharing their love of cuisine!

— NVA.